The Grid Hitting System


The GRID system uses optical lasers to track precise speed and trajectory data of sports objects that travel through it.

Coupled with a high-speed, high definition video feed, the system is able to link a player’s mechanics to their results, enabling coaches to illustrate the results of their instruction.

Because the system is able to track both the entry and the exit of an object, the system has a wide variety of applications across a variety of sports including:

  • training
  • entertainment
  • product testing
  • gaming



Optional Hi-Def Video Capture enables slow motion review of a hitter’s swing.

Each video capture is “attached” to its corresponding hit to enable instant review of best and worst practices.



“The Grid” uses optical lasers to track the trajectory, speed and location of a ball hit through it.

The data captured by the lasers is instantly translated into a 3-dimensional graphic representation of the hit.

The grid dramatically enhances training capabilities by providing real time feedback. Data collected from the hitting system will include:

  • Distance and Trajectory of the Hit
  • Spray Chart
  • Hit Velocity
  • Pitch Location & Velocity


  • Highly accurate, subjective feedback
  • Helps to identify a hitter’s “sweet spot” for pitches
  • Provides Exit Speed and Hit Quality
  • Captures a player’s entire history to help identify trends
  • One-Day Installation
  • Pre-programmed Workouts
  • Provides Session Review and Player Trending
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Instant Access to Historical Data
  • Gaming modes that train players for situational hitting
  • Works for baseball and softball


Hitters and coaches will be able to review batting cage workouts and assess whether hitters were “going the right way”, or “getting under the ball”. They will be able to rate hitters’ bat speeds or slugging power. By pre-setting workouts, coaches can evaluate situational hitting and hit quality.